"Can I just say a big thankyou to Pee-wee, she was fantastic and all the children had a great time. Adults thought you were great too. I hope to book you again for future parties. I hope you had some food and cake. Love from Birthday Boy Kavan and family.

— Rapindejit Dhanoa, Mr

"Absolutely amazing at Arthur's 6th birthday party. Nothing was too much trouble for Pee Wee! Children and parents thought she was fantastic. Thank you again."

Steff and Arthur

"Thank you so much Pee Wee for the most amazing entertainment yesterday at our special party. The children and the adults thought you were awesome and we have all been left with very special memories. "

G & K

"Not only did you make our birthday celebrations the best ever - you came on your own birthday! What a star xx"

Jill Griffin

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